Friday, April 13, 2012

What Really Happened?

Someone trivialized a suicide and listed their motive as the desire to one-up my April Fool's Day joke on the men's rights section of

Such an act is abhorrent.

Based on the language of that post, my hunch is that a men's rights activist actually holds this account and that they are trying to discredit me by linking me to this incident.

But there's also the off-chance that someone really thought this was a good thing to do.

I feel like I have a responsibility to get to the bottom of this. I will send the hoaxster a series of messages from my theageofeschatology reddit handle. I will make it appear as though I supported this hoax, even though I do not.

This post will serve as proof of my actual motives. Trivializing suicide is a terrible thing to do. It requires a distancing of one's self from the pain of others that is corrosive to the soul. This is a chief problem of the internet. We are all so isolated from one another that what would be unspeakable face to face becomes possible in the faceless online realm.

If the poster is actually an MRA, my messages will probably flood reddit as the hoaxster tries to prove I am actually supportive of such a twisted act.

If the poster thought I would support them, I will out them all the same.

SisterofBlackVision's methods are outside the realm of dignified conduct.


Message 1:


Update II (7:08 PM)

Message 2:

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