Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UPDATE: What Really Happened

I have not received a reply back from sisterofblackvision. I thought the trail had run cold, but according to the MR forum, sisterofblackvision started his own subreddit. The MRAs think I'm behind it, though there's really no way of reasoning with them, so it's pointless to try and convince them otherwise.

I've changed my mind and don't actually think the MRAs are behind this anymore. It seems like a nihilistic troll who's happy to watch the world burn.

Nevertheless, I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it:

Update 8:02PM

I just read through SisterofBlackvision's comment history and he did in fact post a picture of my comments to MR 3 days ago. It looks as though the comment was deleted and the MRAs haven't noticed yet.

I still think this is a troll looking for laughs in a heinous manner.

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